Jazz (JLC Family) in the casting of the next season of Dance with the stars? She sows doubt

Will Jazz be in the casting for the next season of Dance with the Stars? It sows doubt and we talk about it in this article.

Jessica Thivenin, Mélanight, Vlad Oltean … While we offer you a return on the worst product placements of the year 2020, the editor of melty wonders if Jazz will be in the casting of the next season of Dance with the stars. Remember, a few months ago, many bloggers announced the participation of the mother of Chelsea and Cayden in the flagship program of TF1. Based on Instagram account information Clochard.TVR, Laurent’s wife would have signed her contract for the eleventh season of the dance show. If so far, Jazz had neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, lately, she has just for the first time sowed doubt about her possible participation in Dance with the stars.

In one of the episodes of the third season of the JLC Family, Jazz and Laurent meet again in an attempt to reconcile after a huge argument. During their evening, Laurent and Jazz dance. At this point, Chelsea and Cayden’s dad can be heard saying to his wife: “Are you going to dance with the stars?” just before she answers: “Soon Dance with the stars for Jazzou”. So this is a sentence that could lead us to believe that Jazz is in the casting of the next season of the TF1 dance program. But then, is it a confirmation or comments made in the tone of humor? What do you think of the meltynauts? While waiting to know more, know that one wonders if Jazz forgave Laurent after his infidelity after a clue sowed doubt.

Credit: Instagram: lmad_debrief

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