JC Hyun, Eudia Certified Used Monitor Naver Shopping Live

JC Hyun System (CEO: Joong-Seok Cha), a company specializing in displays, will broadcast a discount special broadcast on Naver Shopping Live to promote Yudia-certified used monitors through JC Hyun Place, Naver’s official store, on November 24.

In the first and second rounds of Yudia certified used monitor discount special broadcasts last September, the part that was difficult to broadcast due to a quick out-of-stock was further improved, and the product type and quantity were increased in this third discount special broadcast.

In addition, it plans to additionally unveil a refurbished monitor unique to Eudia, rather than a second-hand monitor certified by Yudia. Yudia Refurbish monitor is a new product that only replaces a damaged box with a plain box, not a refurbish, which means a generally known repaired and regenerated product, and is sold in limited quantities and at a lower price.

Yudia certified used monitors are products that have passed a thorough product inspection by the official center, and even though they are used products, free warranty is applied, as well as free round-trip shipping within the warranty period if any service occurs.

In addition, if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the purchased product, it is a unique advantage of Yudia-certified used monitors that it supports free returns.

In this shopping live, which directly shows the actual quality of certified used monitors managed and sold by the head office through the screen, new products are sold at up to 70% discount.

In addition, free shipping and discount coupons that can be used immediately are additionally presented to all purchasers during the live broadcast.

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