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JD.com’s New Year’s Day “Tiger” Year Special Launched the Spring Festival “Enjoy Service” Easier | Electrical Appliances_Sina Technology_Sina Network

Original title: JD.com New Year’s Day “Tiger” Year Special Launched Spring Festival “Enjoy Service” Easier

As the saying goes, there is a new atmosphere in the new year. Every Spring Festival, every family always buys some zodiac products to add joy. Especially this year is the Year of the Tiger, the living dragon and the tiger, the dragon spirit and the tiger fierce, the tiger and the tiger making the wind, the tiger roaring and the dragon roaring… All kinds of auspicious blessing words that represent the spirit and spirit have further promoted people’s love for the objects in the Year of the Tiger. With the full opening of the New Year’s Day, JD.com has launched a special “Tiger” year, and joined hands with many well-known brands to bring consumers a “New Year of the Tiger” ceremony covering multiple categories. In particular, the many IP gift boxes featuring the Year of the Tiger feature not only include couplets, red envelopes, blessing characters, spring strips and other products, but also incorporate the unique features and new ideas of each brand to meet the needs of traditional Chinese New Year customs at one time and let everyone feel New Year’s Eve.

Among them, the “blessing” gift box jointly created by JD Life Services, Dunhuang Museum and JD Super Box not only integrates the elements of the national tide that Generation Z loves in appearance, but also has Dunhuang Feitian mural elements and tiger zodiac elements. It also includes 6 major services + 1 major benefit. For example, Jingdong flowers custom bouquets, select high-quality flowers of origin, and carefully designed by professional florists; Jingdong housekeeping 3-hour daily cleaning service, Jingdong housekeeping cleaners provide 56-90 square meters of family housing 6 major areas of cleaning; New Year’s custom car wash The card, the standard car wash service is provided by the Beijing Tokyo Auto Club; the Universal Studios ticket exchange card is also provided in the gift box, which can be exchanged for 2 weekend tickets; and the hippocampus New Year-themed photo uses the most popular national trendy costumes and sets. Provide standard high-quality retouched negatives, allowing consumers to enjoy a private magazine photo experience; JD.com movie exchange coupons are 200 yuan movie cards, providing unrestricted movie exchange services in 300+ cities and over 11,000 theaters across the country; in addition, the gift box The VIP exclusive rights card for the top ten golden services of Jingdong life covers ten golden service products of Jingdong life services from housekeeping services to car maintenance.

In addition to the “blessing” gift box, the “tiger element” products covering various businesses such as JD Auto, JD Flowers, JD Life, and JD Auction are also rich and diverse. The 2022 Year of the Tiger “Earning Tiger” car keychain not only has the cute shape of a “cute” tiger coming out of the mountain, but also is a “little decompression expert”. Daily playing and rotating can relieve various pressures, and at the same time, it means that the times will turn and good luck will continue. The New Year’s Eve Flower Blessing Bucket is attached with the auspicious sign of “Peace and Joy”, which means that everything goes well and welcomes the New Year. China Airlines’ “Huhushengwei” flight card is only 599 yuan per person, including free flight to multiple destinations across the country, full refund if not redeemed within the validity period, flexible travel date selection, and preferential fares locked in advance, etc. Rights, end-of-year carnival surprises set sail! At the same time, collectors can also purchase the Year of the Tiger silver medal set issued by Chinese Gold Coins, which integrates the word “hi” with auspicious culture, which means more happiness than happiness. In addition, there are more than 30 Spring Festival products with “Tiger elements”, such as decorative doll car decorations for the Year of the Tiger, New Year’s gifts “Outbreak Tiger” broken banknotes, FlowerPlus Golden Silver Willow, and the Year of the Tiger Safe Gold. A festive atmosphere.

At the same time, the “Tiger” special session of JD.com’s New Year’s Goods Festival also brings considerate services – this year is the tenth consecutive year that JD.com has provided the “delivery during the Spring Festival” service. Qixian Supermarket, JD.com Home, JD.com Super Experience Store, Stores such as the Beijing-Tokyo Auto Club are open as usual during the Spring Festival to meet the shopping needs of consumers during the Chinese New Year; Jingdong Electric allows users to enjoy 30-day price guarantee, 180-day replacement without repair, door-to-door trade-in and other upgrade services, 30 cities across the country The flagship store launched the theme activity of “30 New Year’s Tastes in 30 Cities” to increase the strong New Year’s taste.

JD.com launched the Spring Festival “delivery without closing” service, covering nearly 10,000 products such as bathrooms, lamps, smart locks, etc., and the delivery of large-scale household goods does not stop. Enjoy basic services such as tire repair, tire replacement, car washing, and small maintenance. Users who come to the store can also receive the Spring Festival gift package issued by the store to escort the Spring Festival journey; JD. The newly launched housekeeping nanny service in Beijing area can easily enjoy the beautiful daily life of the Spring Festival home. In addition, there are also rich service-oriented annual gifts such as New Year bouquets, photo shoots, Spring Festival ticketing, self-operated house purchases, etc. Through the two-wheel drive of “goods + services”, the daily “quarter-hour convenient living area circle” is opened up, so that consumers do not need to No longer entangled in the daily trivialities, you can devote yourself to enjoying the beautiful moment of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, and at the same time let the Spring Festival return to the traditional flavor that it should have.


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