“JDG Makes History: Winning the 2023 MSI Championship in League of Legends”

2023-05-21 15:02:00

Original title: Jingdong JDG won the MSI trophy and won the first League of Legends international championship in team history

On the evening of May 21st, Beijing time, the 2023 League of Legends Mid-Season Championship (2023 MSI) came to an end in London, England. After 4 rounds of thrilling and fierce confrontation, JDG defeated BLG with a score of 3:1, winning the championship trophy of an international competition for the first time in team history. This is another championship won by JDG after the LPL Spring Championship.

JDG won the international championship for the first time in 4 peak duels

In this MSI finals, the two teams facing each other are from the Chinese LPL division, which means that the Chinese team will win the MSI championship trophy for the third consecutive year.

In the 25th minute of the first game, Knight Jess was double-teamed by bin Jax TP, but Knight’s extreme operation, combined with the anti-team to destroy BLG, JDG won the game directly; in the second game, BLG’s early economic Leading by 1K, but after winning the first big dragon, JDG double-teamed and killed 4 people. At 28 minutes, BLG took the Fire Dragon Soul and killed 4 people of JDG. After 30 minutes, they defeated JDG and recovered a game; the third game In the early stage, JDG pushed down the first blood tower in the bottom lane, leading the economy by 3K, killing the three BLG in 22 minutes, and won the victory; In 22 minutes, JDG killed Xun Wei on the high ground, ending the battle in one wave and winning the final victory of the game.

Entering the new season, JDG made targeted reinforcements and signed LPL “genius mid laner” Knight and LOL world champion ADC Ruler. 1 defeated BLG, won the Silver Dragon Award again, and this time won the gold-rich MSI championship. JDG is writing a new legend!

Deeply cultivate the field of e-sports and strengthen the layout of the e-sports industry chain

In recent years, China’s e-sports business has gradually improved. From Li Peinan winning the 2023 IEM Katowice StarCraft 2 championship at the beginning of the year, to JD.com’s JDG taking over from RNG and winning the 2023 MSI championship, trophies that symbolize glory, not only The honor of players and clubs also represents the vigorous development of China’s e-sports industry. Behind the industrial chain, the participation and promotion of various enterprises have also contributed an indispensable force to China’s e-sports, and JD.com is one of them.

As early as 2015, JD.com released the Game+ strategy, became a sponsor of many e-sports events, and created the e-sports brand “Jingdong Cup”. Subsequently, JD.com officially launched the UGU National E-sports Competition, and the JDG E-sports Club was also formally established. They struggled all the way and finally won the MSI championship trophy this season.

While focusing on e-sports events, JD.com also continues to create new consumption scenarios. For example, it jointly launched the “Renovation of E-sports Room” challenge with Bilibili, and released the “Explosive Transformation of E-sports Room Raiders” to meet the needs of Generation Z groups. The demand for housing competition; another example is to join hands with the LPL competition area to create a JD.com special viewing experience at 8:00 p.m. in the event, and further expand the e-sports online shopping scene.

It can be expected that with JDG winning the championship, there will be another wave of e-sports among the players. As an important member of the e-sports industry chain, JD.com will continue to deepen the e-sports field in the future, bring more high-quality e-sports events and high-quality e-sports equipment to players, and contribute to the development of China’s e-sports industry!Return to Sohu to see more


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