Jeab Lalana posted a picture of her best friend, Doctor Rabbit for the last time, netizens mourn

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27 Jan 2022 19:21

from the case Dr. Waraluck Supawatchariyakul, MD. or Rabbit Doctor ophthalmologist Department of Ophthalmology Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University was Pol. Lt. Col. Norawit Buadok, Group Commander, 2nd Battalion, Commanding Division 1, Crowd Protection and Control Division (Kor. 1, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police) riding a Big Bike motorcycle. The famous brand crashed to death. causing sorrow for the family as well as friends and loved ones, including Jeab Lalana Kongtharnin famous actor-doctor which is one of Dr. Rabbit’s close friends

latest Jeab Lalana posted a picture of the atmosphere during a group photo at the cremation ceremonyRabbit Doctor at Wat Phra Sri Mahathat Woramahawihan and write a message to a dear friend that “Come for the last time. We wish the rabbit a smooth journey on this new journey. Now you’re in a good place where you’re happy. As for us, we will come back to smile and laugh. Don’t worry about anything. As long as you’re happy up there, that’s enough. I want to say again that I love you my KT”, with many social media members showing their condolences.

In addition, Dr Jeab posted a picture of the message asking about the relevant agencies that How big do you have to be? to change the transportation and traffic in this city when everyone saw and perceived the same problem, and eloquently elaborated on all the problems that have arisen on the road for a long time. and wrote a caption under the picture saying “I don’t want to call it an accident. because it’s called an accident It is considered indefensible. Personally, I bought the word consciousness, but only part of it, but not all of it, because really, people in developed countries Not everyone has the same conscience. but he is afraid of the law and severe penalties Therefore, he did not dare to make mistakes and strictly followed the rules.

Practical solutions for governments and related agencies must focus on the implementation of the law and the real enforcement. Nowadays, it is unorganized, focusing on convenience and ease. whoever wants to do anything drive like me will come to solve the problem at the root cause campaign Asking for cooperation every day Let each people have their own conscience, it is impossible. Each person’s consciousness is not the same. And there will never be a day when we will all be equal. #Send Doctor Rabbit #RIPKT #I want to be a turning point in Thailand credit : @promegranate”.

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