Jean Castex announces the reduction of the isolation period to 7 days

« We are seeing an obvious deterioration, the virus is circulating more and more in France and has not decreased in intensity. Prime Minister Jean Castex focused on Friday September 11 at the end of the Defense Council on the gravity of the situation but did not announce more restrictive measures.

Local confinement, closure of bars … Eight tracks to harden the fight against Covid-19

A firm speech but which avoids ” put aside our social, cultural and economic life ». “Today I solemnly appeal to the sense of responsibility of each and every one of you”, summed up the Prime Minister, from Matignon.

Laboratory congestion

« The incidence rate (number of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants, Editor’s note) is 72 against 57 a week ago (…) and for the first time in many weeks, there has been a significant increase in hospitalized people », He underlined.

As a direct consequence, 42 departments are now in red, otherwise are “areas of active circulation of the virus”, against 28 previously. A measure that gives prefects enhanced powers: the possibility of limiting travel to a radius of 100 km, closing non-essential establishments or even banning markets and gatherings, etc.

No local re-containment

Because the measures “ do not have to decide from Paris “Insisted the former mayor of Prades, who did not announce local confinement. In Marseille, Bordeaux and Guadeloupe, where the virus is circulating strongly, the Prime Minister still indicates that he has asked the prefects to offer him ” by Monday »A set of news« additional measures “. This made Bruno Cautrès, researcher at the Center for the Study of French Political Life, say that ” the central power says in spite of everything: I am the boss ”.

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« The virus mainly circulates among young people, but it inevitably ends up affecting the most vulnerable people for whom it presents a real danger. ” Jean Castex called on the elderly to “ observe the greatest caution »But did not announce any binding measure concerning them. ” Our strategy does not vary », He observed, recalling the importance of barrier gestures and distance.

« There is a contrast between the information given to the population for two weeks of a rebound in the epidemic and this discourse which brings vagueness and contains nothing very new. “, Believes Bruno Cautrès.

Track and trace

In the triptych “Screen – Trace – Isolate”, the Prime Minister emphasized the first two principles and relaxed the last. He confirmed that the isolation period for contact cases would be reduced from 14 to 7 days, ” how long there is a real risk of contagion “. An announcement in accordance with the opinion issued by the scientific council on September 3.

On the tests, Jean Castex acknowledges the setbacks of the massive screening strategy. If he welcomes the capacities to achieve “ over a million tests per week “, He deplores the” too long waiting times “. Since the summer, it is no longer necessary to have a prescription and show symptoms to get tested, which has resulted in long queues and lengthening delays in getting results.

An instruction asking laboratories to prioritize the audiences to be tested was indeed issued by the Ministry of Health at the end of August, but the Prime Minister wants to be more proactive. For people with symptoms, their contact cases, or caregivers, ” we will strengthen the dedicated screening circuits “, He indicated, adding that” laboratories will reserve certain time slots for them “And that” dedicated screening tents “Will be installed” where there are needs and especially in large cities ».

In addition, two thousand additional people will be recruited from the Health Insurance and Regional Health Agencies (ARS) to strengthen the tracing of contacts of infected people. ” The virus is here for a few more months », Insisted Jean Castex.


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