Jean Castex does not rule out a reopening of small shops at the end of November, decision “next week”

The government currently provides for the possibility of a reopening on Tuesday, December 1, if the Covid -19 epidemic continues to develop favorably.

But the executive is at the same time faced with the pressing demands of traders, supported by elected officials, in favor of a reopening from November 27, the day of Black Friday.

An acceleration also pushed by the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire.

If Monday Matignon recalled that the horizon was set for December 1 and hammered home his desire not to be dictated by his calendar by “a commercial operation”, the Prime Minister seemed to qualify his remarks in front of the leaders of the majority Tuesday morning. “He is not against” a reopening on November 27 “but he is very cautious and not yet optimistic”, assures AFP a participant in the meeting.

Two other participants in the meeting confirmed this slight inflection, while stressing that nothing was “decided at this stage” because “it will really depend on the health evolution this week”. President Emmanuel Macron, we have also learned from a source close to the executive, should speak in the middle of next week to announce the stages and modalities of a “progressive deconfinement”.

Questioned Tuesday evening by the Commission of Inquiry of the National Assembly, Mr. Castex refrained from specifying a reopening date: “If the epidemiological indicators follow the trend, then around December 1 (…) we can actually consider to reopen businesses that are not essential, ”he said.

“I plead with Bruno Le Maire so that it is as soon as possible, but only if the sanitary conditions allow it”, declared for his part to AFP the general rapporteur of the budget to the Assembly Laurent Saint-Martin (LREM ).

Asked Tuesday about France 2, the government spokesman indicated that the decision would be “taken during next week”.

“Today the objective is December 1, but obviously if there is very good news, that the situation continues to accelerate in a positive way, obviously we will do our best so that traders can work. Our wish is that traders can reopen as quickly as possible, ”he said.

As for restaurateurs, the government will give them “prospects at the beginning of December”, but there is for the moment “no decision taken on the calendar”, continued Mr. Attal.

However, he stressed that the health situation “remains serious”, with “still more patients in the hospital today than at the peak of the first wave”, and that if “a beginning of stabilization” is observed in the hospital is not yet “a decline”.

The spokesperson recalled that traders could meanwhile benefit from aid of up to 10,000 euros to compensate for the loss of turnover in November, that they will be able to request it “at the very beginning of December” and will be paid. ” in the following days “.


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