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Jean-Christophe Lagarde accused of “clientelism” in a book: the boss of the UDI will file a complaint


“The Mayor and the Barbarians”, the book which denounces the “system” Jean-Christophe Lagarde will not appear until next week but it is already having the effect of a political earthquake in Seine-Saint-Denis. In particular in Drancy, where the boss of the UDI was mayor (it is now his wife, Aude, who heads the town hall), and in Bobigny where he is still a member of parliament.

See his photo posted on the front page of this Thursday’s point, with the caption: “These elected officials who sold their souls” fell to the worst for the leader of the centrist party, in the midst of the municipal campaign. Because the book of journalist Ève Szeftel denounces an almost mafia system, pactising at the same time with thugs and Islamists.

Via a press release published on social networks, Jean-Christophe Lagarde denounced a “One as slanderous as grotesque, in contradiction with the fight of all my political and personal life. “

His lawyer, Me Rodolphe Bosselut, was responsible for preparing the response. He explains it to the Parisian.

What legal action will you take?

Maître Rodolphe Bosselut: “A defamation procedure is initiated against Le Point and against the journalist for comments made in the magazine, having regard to their extraordinary gravity. “

On what grounds?

“These are untrue, even demented words. To say that Jean-Christophe Lagarde benefited from the support of the “Barbus”, we are in the same type of accusation as at the time of Encornet and Trottinette (Editor’s note: in 1997, via these pseudonyms, a book accused Jean-Claude Gaudin and François Léotard of being responsible for the assassination of the deputy FN Yann Piat). It is extremely shocking that he is being tried on a city of which he is not even the mayor. “

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Do you plan to request a ban on books?

“We asked ourselves the question. But it is not our will, it is not in the tradition of French law to censor works. The journalist must take responsibility for her false statements. “

The book, however, denounces disturbing practices that resemble clientelism …

“In politics you are necessarily confronted with communities. It’s everyday life. We make these communities blocks when they are not. It is contempt and reverse racism. “

What about his relationship with the Barbarian gang?

“It’s crazy to think that Jean-Christophe Lagarde wanted to finance people close to the gang of Barbarians. Why not Al Qaeda! Soon we will be told that we are also guilty of providing aid to terrorism! He met Lynda Benakouche twice for her project on the Parents’ House and for accommodation because she presented herself as an isolated woman. He didn’t know she was the partner of one of the members of the Barbarian gang (Editor’s note: Jean-Christophe Soumbou). I doubt it was known before June 2014. ”



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