Jean-Claude Van Damme stops a Bugatti with his bare hands to save a dog

Confined as half the planet, the 59-year-old Belgian actor published two videos made with the means at hand and completely crazy.

By Le Figaro

True to itself, “JCVD” mixes action, humor and self-deprecation. Piovanotto Marco / ABACA

Containment requires, we must redouble our imagination. If some favor physical exercise, art or simply idleness, Jean-Claude Van Damme favors action. For two weeks, the Belgian actor has embarked on “homemade” short films. With the edge of madness and self-deprecation that we know him.

The star of Bloodsport starred in two videos posted on her YouTube channel. In the first, JCVD Day Out, he takes us for a walk around his house on the notes of The stroll Diamonds. In tracksuit from head to toe, he greets his neighbors by replacing the traditional “high-five” with his famous high-kick, saves a young man from suffocation thanks to a big nudge in the stomach, and returns the sight to a blind man of a direct of the law. And in the event of an engine failure, nothing beats a good slap on the body: “Yeaaah”.

In the second film, Van Damme becomes The Canine Hero. With a flocked “JC” cape, he roams the surrounding area in search of dogs to save, like his ancestor “Jean-Claude Bam Wam-Damme The 5th”. To do this, he stops a Bugatti with his bare hands which was going to crush the man’s best friend, reports the toy launched by a Gaga owner (Gladys Portugues, his wife), rips the leash from the hands of an unattentive master, then take all these little people home.

On its channel, “JCVD” regularly publishes all kinds of content. New videos like these, but also extracts from his films, interviews and more intimate moments shared with his family and his animals.


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