Jean-Jacques Bourdin returns to his ouster from RMC: a “particularly unfair moment”

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Jean-Jacques Bourdin returns to his ouster from RMC: a “particularly unfair moment”

In an interview with the JDD, Jean-Jacques Bourdin returned without language on his departure from the morning of RMC. “Deeply affected”, the journalist denounces an injustice and makes an unexpected announcement.

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Jean-Jacques Bourdin was unable to celebrate his 20 years at the head of the morning of RMC. After 19 years of loyal service, he was ousted. On July 10, the journalist was forced to say goodbye to his listeners. An ordeal that he still has trouble digesting eight months later. “I was deeply affected to the extent that I think I have made a very significant contribution not only to the success of RMC, but also to that of television channels which have followed suit. I found this particularly unfair moment », confides this Sunday, March 7, the 71-year-old host in an interview with JDD. He claims to have “Lived this neither as a sanction nor as a disavowal » and reveals that the leaders of RMC did not « never really explained the underlying reasons » of his departure.

What does he think of the one who succeeded him, Apolline de Malherbe? Not wanting the“Overwhelm”, Jean-Jacques Bourdin refuses to “Publicly say this [qu’il] feels ”, but suggests that with his departure, RMC would have lost part of his identity. “I just notice that RMC has always been a popular radio station, close to the listener, far from the Parisian inter-self. And I don’t want her to get lost. This distance probably explains current figuress », tackles the former presenter in the columns of the JDD. Could we find Jean-Jacques Bourdin at the head of another morning radio? The answer is clearly no. « I will not resume in the morning. It’s finish. Because there was a breakout in July. I don’t want to go back over what happened ”, concluded the journalist still bitter.

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Jean-Jacques Bourdin and his wife Anne Nivat at the Book Fair on March 17, 2018 CEDRIC PERRIN / BESTIMAGE

Ousted from RMC, but still on BFM TV

“The page is turned. I gave forty-four years of my life to this priesthood, it is a lot ”, summarizes in the JDD the one who still officiates every morning on BFM TV the time of his dreaded political interview. A real meeting which will gain even more flavor with the presidential campaign of 2022. Jean-Jacques Bourdin affirms that he will be still there next September, even if he admits being courted, without specifying by whom. Anne Nivat’s husband warns, however, that he would refuse if RTL or Europe 1 offered to take control of their morning.

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