Jean-Loup Dabadie in the paradise of songs

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“For me who is a songwriter, he wrote a superb text:“He died the singer”. I was just lucky to be his friend. ” Didier Barbelivien fondly remembers Jean-Loup Dabadie, who for him was like “a big brother, with his white mane and multicolored scarves, whom we admired. I know, like me, that today all artists are unhappy. ”

Because if the French Academy welcomed him into his bosom for his multiple talents as a man of letters capable of writing novels, screenplays and even sketches for his friend Guy Bedos, Jean-Loup Dabadie will also have been a lyricist inspired for such exceptional performers as Barbara, Michel Polnareff, Julien Clerc, Serge Reggiani or Michel Sardou.

“We will all go to heaven, even me, whether blessed or cursed …” These words are therefore those of an Immortal. They bring to Michel Polnareff one of the greatest successes (the singer, so quick to express himself on Twitter, has not yet reacted to the death of the lyricist star). But Jean-Loup Dabadie did not imagine in 1972, when he threw his words on paper, that he would one day become a French Academician, elected to the chair of Pierre Moinot in April 2008. But he already certainly knew that songs like the novels took part in the genius of the language of Molière.

Before this nugget, in 1969, he had already invented two other songs for Michel Polnareff, and not least: All the boats, all the birds and Ring a ding. This artistic bond will last throughout the following decade with In the empty house (1970), Holidays (1972), of course We will all go to heaven (1972), Letter to France (1977), Day after day and Our words of love. In short, the biggest tubes of the man with the dark glasses.

The greatest performers sang the words of Jean-Loup Dabadie. In his private music hall, the music lover can of course listen to Michel Polnareff, but also Barbara, Serge Reggiani, Julien Clerc, Juliette Gréco, Johnny Hallyday, Michel Sardou, Dalida … The crème de la crème of Francophone song of the years sixties to the 2000s.

His poetry set to music deserved great sayers. He therefore chiseled choruses and custom verses for the actors. Romy Schneider and Michel Piccoli, for Things of life (the film is broadcast this evening in tribute to the missing actor), hummed Hélène’s song. Jean-Loup Dabadie, moved, will never forget it: “Life, she danced in Romy’s body, she moved in her gestures, she walked in her steps. ”

And then, four years after this little masterpiece, in 1974, he lent his pen to Jean Gabin. The great actor again spoke of life there: “… now I know you never know. Life, love, money, friends, roses, you never know the noise or the color of things. That’s all I know! But I know that …! ”

Five years ago Didier Barbelivien had the great idea of ​​proposing to Universal Music a collection entitled: The great feathers of the song. Jean-Loup Dabadie inaugurated it …

In tribute to his talent, Le Figaro presents in images and words, an anthology of his songs interpreted by Michel Polnareff, Barbara, Romy Schneider and Jean Gabin.

We will all go to heaven by Michel Polnareff, Marie Chenevance by Barbara, Hélène’s song by Romy Schneider and Now I know by Jean Gabin … on words from Jean-Loup Dabadie



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