Jean-Marc Gilson leaves the northern group for Mitsubishi Chemicals

« Large northern group seeking general manager. Position to be filled before April 1st. Salary to be negotiated, experience desired. The surprise announcement of the departure of Jean-Marc Gilson upsets the plans of the global agribusiness giant. This Friday, the Belgian formalized in NikkeiAsia joining Mitsubishi Chemicals Holdings Corporation where he will serve as CEO. A nice promotion since at 56, he finds himself at the head of a small empire with 29 billion euros in turnover and with 70,000 employees around the world. The group ensures near the Figaro to have been seduced by his “
global outlook on specialty chemicals and life sciences.
Jean-Marc Gilson has already announced that Mitsubishi Chemicals Holdings must reshape its business portfolio in order to increase its profitability.

The specter of Carlos Ghosn

After being Executive Vice President at Dow Corning for 21 years, Jean-Marc Gilson joined Roquette in September 2014. His mission was to pursue the group’s global development ambitions, based in Lestrem, in the food, nutrition and health sectors as well as in plant chemistry. With this nomination, Jean-Marc Gilson joins the small circle of foreign general managers in Japan. A community whose image has been tainted locally by the Carlos Ghosn affair and Renault-Nissan tycoon escape. Near Nikkei Asia, Jean-Marc Gilson admitted that some foreign CEOs in Japan had failed in their missions, but wants to believe in his chances of success. Japan is ” not a new place for me “, He declared, Friday, during a video conference of presentation.

His challenge?

His main challenge? To convince investors of the potential of Mitsubishi Chemicals. ” He quickly correct the fact that while Mitsubishi Chemical makes over $ 28.6 billion in revenue, our market cap remains below $ 9.5 billion », Analyzes Takayuki Hashimoto, one of the members of the nomination committee of Mitsubishi Chemical.


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