Jean Philippe Cretton trolled those who doubt his relationship with Pamela Díaz

At the end of October, the relationship between Jean Philippe Cretton and Pamela Díaz was finally confirmed. In fact, the same couple told the truth about love affair.

After this, they have been quite active in what are social networks. However, there are people who accuse that this relationship is a “tongo.”

For the same, the face of CHV took the time to answer some questions from his fans. And one of them pointed out that he still couldn’t believe that the driver of I am was a couple of La Fiera.

La broma by Jean Philippe Cretton

The comment gave rise to the animator getting his best histrionic gifts and respond as an Argentine artist would without mincing words.

«No, it’s a little tongue that we put togethers in this negotiation process. You appear a little on the cover of the newspapers and everything is ready with that. Love must be used to lie, ”Cretton joked.

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