Jean-Pierre Jouyet, bruised mentor

Delivered. He served four presidents and evolved for forty years in the heart of power. Former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy, close friend of François Hollande, mentor of Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, 66, emptied the notebooks he blackened throughout a politico-administrative career at the highest level, to write his Memoirs, entitled Behind the scenes.

This son of a Norman notary, having accumulated the most beautiful positions in the Republic – from the Treasury to the French embassy in London via the Caisse des Dépôts -, describes himself “Contrary to Machiavelli”, with a “Spontaneity, sometimes excessive”, and a “Indecrottable candor”. Within the microcosm, the former secretary general of the Elysee (2014-2017) has indeed always had the reputation of saying, sometimes without filter, what he thought, far from the usual technocratic language of wood. He doesn’t censor himself here either.

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It is with his “Former protégé”, which he says he was very close to (“From 2005 to 2007, I had a real honeymoon with Emmanuel Macron”, he writes), that he is the most severe. With bitterness, tinged with sadness, Jean-Pierre Jouyet tells of a disappointed love: he accompanied « Emmanuel » towards the summits, by presenting him to François Hollande first, then by supporting his appointment to Bercy in 2014, before being snubbed by the young president, who suddenly no longer saw fit to respond to his SMS. A “Wall of silence”, notes the author, before continuing: “I went in the space of 24 hours from the status of mentor to that of infrequent (…) become awkward, cumbersome. ”

Macron, an “indifferent seducer” “devoid of all affect”

Car “Behind the fervent disciple”, Jouyet had “Not seen pointing the new king”, which nevertheless multiplied “Fine dinners” in Bercy with the “All-Paris”, when he was Minister of the Economy. “I spoke with Emmanuel. Everything will be alright. He does not intend to resign ”, he reassures François Hollande in the summer of 2016, a few days before the resignation of the ambitious minister. “Jean-Pierre, I will never thank you enough for your advice”, ironically the Head of State, when he is faced with a fait accompli.

A posteriori, Jouyet blames himself for having succumbed to the charm of this brilliant young inspector of finances who is basically only a “Indifferent seducer”, does he judge: “Devoid of any affect”, Macron “Uses the weapons of seduction to enhance his own ego”. “I have since opened my eyes and noticed the gap that exists in him between words and deeds”, still writes the ex-number two of the Elysee, who criticizes the“Restless standstill” of the young president.

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