Jean-Pierre Pernaut suffering from lung cancer

TELEVISION – In an excerpt from a documentary that will air on December 9 on C8, Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the life after, Jean-Pierre Pernaut announces that he suffers from lung cancer.

This excerpt, broadcast this Monday, November 22 in the program Do not touch My TV (see below), shows in particular the former presenter of the TF1 1 p.m. newspaper, alongside his wife Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut, announce the news.

“In April-May, I was discovered a little disease that happens to people who smoke, who do stupid smoking. For years I have been told ‘quit smoking, quit smoking, quit smoking’. I smoked a lot. And then they found me a little lung cancer. This is the first time I have talked about it ”, confides Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut, present on the set of TPMP this Monday evening, recounted how she and her husband had learned of the existence of this cancer.

“He had bronchitis all the time. He was coughing a lot, so I said to him, ‘maybe it would be time for you to go do some exams again’. So he did a first (examination) and then they say: ‘there is something that is not very very clear’; and then (…) he made a PET Scan and there, well, the verdict fell, ”recalls the TV host.

“At the beginning, we could not do the operation (…) because it was extremely dangerous”, she continues. “So I insisted that we go to see other doctors in another hospital, because I wanted to know if we could operate on it or not. At the Pompidou hospital (in Paris, Editor’s note), we were told: ‘if we can operate, there is no danger ”.

She then recounts the operation: “It happened in July, we spent three weeks in the hospital, he had an operation. Everything went very well, and then there, in September, it attacked the other lung. On the other hand, it was a little more annoying, because it was a little bigger. So there it is clear that we cannot go through an operation again because it is much too big. So there he is doing radiotherapy, he has a strong morale and we are with him, his whole family, he is fighting. (…) The word cancer does not mean death automatically ”.

“I was waiting a while to talk about it”

“We won against the prostate (Jean-Pierre Pernaut had made the announcement of this cancer in September 2018, Editor’s note), we won against the first lung, so the second lung, I do not see why we would not win ”, wants to remain optimistic Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut.

“What do the doctors say?” Asks him Cyril Hanouna.

“For the moment, we cannot say anything yet, because therefore he is doing radiotherapy, and in January we will do a PET scan to see where it is”, she replied.

″ (Today), he is happy to work from right to left, for LCI, to make magazines. When he has to rest, he rests. He has a character of hell, ”she adds.

On the evening of Monday, Jean-Pierre Pernaut also posted a video on his Twitter account in which he assures us that “everything (was) fine for now” (see below).

“I learned of this disease last May. I underwent a first operation in early July, a treatment that has continued for a few weeks, ”he explained. “Everything is going well for now. We are watching. Everything is under control”.

“I was waiting a while to talk about it. If I talk about it, first of all I think that we should not be afraid of cancer; I had one: the prostate, you know that. I spoke about it to try to improve prevention. Same thing for the lung, I thought it only happened to others for years and years, ”he added.

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