Jean-Yves Moyart, alias Maître Mô, is dead

Me Jean-Yves Moyart during the trial at the assizes of the Roubaix and Tourcoing bands, in Douai (North), in October 2011.

It was two years ago, the cancer was already there, Jean-Yves Moyart was afraid but Maître Mô wanted to make people smile again. “If one day I die, which would surprise me sincerely, do not say my supposed qualities or do not recall what I did or said; say that you miss me, that you would like to still love me or laugh with me, or say nothing at all. Finally, without ordering you “, he wrote on March 5, 2019 on his Twitter account. Jean-Yves Moyart, lawyer at the Lille bar since 1992, died on Saturday February 20. He was 53 years old.

“There are the elegant, the talented, the generous, the revelers, the courageous, the cracked letting the light shine through, but I have not known any other lawyer who is all these at the same time”, wrote one of his colleagues and closest friends, Eric Morain, announcing his disappearance on the social network. Twitter mourns its Master Mô, whom he loved so much. His account had 70,000 subscribers. It’s not a number, it’s a community. He gave her so much.

To understand grief, you have to go back a little over ten years earlier. The era is blogging. Among them, that of a young lawyer from the Paris Bar known under the pseudonym of Maître Eolas, constitutes the absolute reference for all law enthusiasts. In one of his posts, Eolas urges his readers to go and find out about the text that one of his colleagues from Lille has just published. on his own blog born in spring 2008 and which offers a “Little judicial chronicle, ordinary and subjective, fed when it can. ” We click. We are thousands to click. The text is called Wretched.

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“She is seated with the others on her bench, prostrate, her eyes empty and her mouth open, her bright yellow rain gear, too big for her, buttoned up to the neck, a stain of color in the ocean of blue of the police officers. escorts, who immediately catch the eye; she is far too frail, far too young, far too absent, far too handcuffed; we think straight away that she shouldn’t be here. “

Infinite tenderness

” She “, it’s Odile, crossed by Me Jean-Yves Moyart during an immediate appearance hearing where she was sent back for an attempted sock theft. We read to the end, we do not yet know that this is only the beginning.

After Odile will come Ahmed, Jade, Omar, Noël and many others. All the stories are true, Maître Mô draws them from his daily life as a lawyer. He changes a first name, modifies a few details, makes up the place, but keeps the essential: raw life, very dark black, and an infinite tenderness to tell them.

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