Jeangu Macrooy hopes that Love Shine a Light provides a Eurovision feeling NOW

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Jeangu Macrooy hopes that Love Shine a Light Saturday during a modified show of the canceled Eurovision Song Contest 2020 still leads to a Eurovision feeling among the viewers. All delegates from the 41 countries that would participate in the music event then sing the song together.

Macrooy would leave the Netherlands on Saturday with his number Grow during the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, but due to the corona virus, the event was postponed by one year in March.

“I like that we do something else. I hope it gives all those people who watch a bit of a Eurovision feeling,” said Macrooy on NPO Radio 1 on Saturday.

Macrooy took the rendition of Love Shine a Light, the song with which the British band Katrina and the Waves won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997, previously in his living room. “They are going to bring that together in a beautiful way. I am curious myself. I will sit on the couch myself tonight.”

In Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light presenters Chantal Janzen, Jan Smit and Edsilia Rombley still consider the annual music event. Nothing has been announced about the further details of the program.

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