Jeep is facing pressure, he has to give up the name of the iconic model. It is said to be inappropriate

The American carmaker has been offering the Cherokee model for decades. However, it may bear a different designation in the future.

The Jeep brand uses the designation Cherokee over forty-five years. After several years of silence, the name returned to the company’s offer in 2013 and can be found there to this day. However, the question remains for how long. The Cherokees, members of the North American Indian tribe, do not like this name of the car.

“I’m sure it’s all well-intentioned, but we don’t like it if we have our name on the side of the car.” said in one of the interviews Chuck Hoskin Jr., the leader of one of the largest Indian tribes Cherokee Nation.

The carmaker immediately came under pressure from activists who demanded the renaming of the Cherokee model, as well as the larger Grand Cherokee. “The best way to understand us is to learn more about our role in this country, our history, culture, language and then have a meaningful dialogue.” Hoskin suggests that he would also prefer to rename the car.

The Jeep leadership reacted swiftly to the whole case, stating that the name Cherokee, on the other hand, should celebrate and honor the culture of the Indian tribes. At the same time, the company committed itself to an open dialogue, which should resolve the situation quickly. Selected representatives allegedly contacted and negotiated with Chuck Hoskin by telephone. However, the name Cherokee remains in the carmaker’s offer, just as the other side still stands by.


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