Jeez! The ‘Padlock’ Was Opened, The Movement of Bank Mini’s Stocks Widened

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Mini bank shares (BUKU II) immediately stepped on the gas at the start of trading today, Friday (5/3/2021). Some of them have just reopened their suspensions by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) starting this morning.

The following is the increase in mini bank share prices on Friday (5/3), at 09.06 WIB:

  1. Bank Maspion Indonesia (BMAS), shares + 25.00%, to IDR 1,225, transaction of IDR 1 billion

  2. Bank Amar Indonesia (AMAR), + 17.54%, to IDR 670, transaction of IDR 10 billion

  3. Bank IBK Indonesia (AGRS), + 15.22%, to IDR 795, transaction IDR 1 billion

  4. Bank QNB Indonesia (BKSW), + 8.40%, to IDR 284, transactions IDR 23 billion

  5. Bank Jago (ARTO), + 2.72%, to IDR 9,450, transaction of IDR 12 Billion

The move by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) to stop trading in shares of seven small banks has not discouraged investors from hunting down similar stocks. Investors seem to continue to take advantage of the ‘up and coming’ momentum of mini banks to continue collecting these stocks.

Three of the five mini-banks that strengthened above, were noted to be allowed to resume activities on the stock exchange starting this morning, after being locked in yesterday’s trade, Thursday (4/3/2021).

The three banks, namely PT Bank Maspion Tbk (BMAS), PT Bank IBK Indonesia Tbk (AGRS), and PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk. (BKSW).

According to IDX data, bank shares owned by businessman Alim Markus BMAS topped the list of increases in mini-banks by soaring by Rp 25.00% to Rp 1,225 / unit with a transaction value of 1 billion.

In second place, there was AMAR, which shot 17.54% to IDR 670 / share. The share transaction value is 10 billion.

AGRS, which has also recently unlocked its lock like BMAS, trailed in third place by soaring 15.22% to IDR 795 / unit with a transaction record of IDR 1 billion

Previously, the three banks were suspended together with four other mini bank shares yesterday (4/3). Another mini bank stock that opened its suspension today is PT Bank Capital Indonesia Tbk (BACA).

However, BACA instead fell 3.59% to the position of IDR 850 / share with a transaction value of IDR 34 billion this morning.

The suspension was carried out by IDX in connection with a significant increase in the cumulative price of the shares of these two tier banks.

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