Jeff Bezos did it. Blue Origin successfully took passengers to space.

A Dream Come True, Jeff Bezos’ space technology company Blue Origin has succeeded in taking an extraterrestrial passenger. successfully traveled to space Amid criticism from US politicians that he used the proceeds to oppress the Amazon workers.

Jeff Bezos The world’s number 1 billionaire has successfully launched the New Shepard spacecraft with four passengers, including his brother Jeff Bezos and Mark Bezos. Travel to experience the “outside the world”, which takes a total of 11 minutes.

However, Jeff Bezos isn’t the first billionaire to go to space. Just a few days ago, Richard Branson had traveled to space aboard Virgin Galactic’s Unity spacecraft.

Jeff Bezos isn’t the first billionaire to go to space. But he’s unlocked one more goal in life because he says he “had dreamed of traveling to space since the age of five,” and today he’s done it.

For passengers traveling in space besides Jeff Bezos and his brother. There are also other passengers Oliver Daemen is only 18 years old. He is the son of Joes Daemen, CEO of an investment firm. The second-placed winner of the New Shepard seat after the first-place bidder with a price of $28 million, or about 920 million baht, asked to postpone the trip.

the other one is Wally Funk, 82-year-old woman She trained in Mercury 13 to become a female astronaut in 1960, but the program ended without a real mission, but at the age of 82 she was able to follow her dreams. succeeded and became the oldest person to go to space.

Thank you Amazon employees for contributing to the success.

After Jeff Bezos returned to Earth Speaking of the success, he credited all of the Amazon employees, saying, “I would like to thank all Amazon employees and customers because all of you are paying for this.”

AOC launches battle, this success comes from the sweat of Amazon employees.

With this quote by Jeff Bezos, there was drama because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or AOC, a US female politician Fiercely criticized Jeff Bezos, saying, “Yes, Amazon employees pay for this. They pay with low wages. failed labor union and harsh working environment no humanitarian Couriers don’t even have health insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic, while “Amazon customers pay for it as Amazon uses its market power to destroy small businesses.”

An Amazon employee commented on Jeff Bezos’ space trip: “It’s just a business. He must have thanked us for putting money in his pocket. from hard work give up bonus and stocks to make this a reality.”

Source –,, Business Insider

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