Jeff Teague joins Boston for a year, yet another free agent the Knicks won’t get

Each year, we know that we can count on Danny Ainge to animate the offseason and change the landscape of the League a little. And in recent seasons, we’ve been used to seeing a lot of movement at the Celtics point of view. To keep the tradition alive, Boston managed to get their hands on a former All-Star who was coveted by several franchises: Jeff Teague.

Looks like the former Hawks point guard’s call has been heard. Back in Georgia to end the season after a stint in Indianapolis then in the forests of Minnesota, Jeff Teague wanted to take advantage of this Free Agency to join a candidate for the title. Too bad for the money or the responsibilities, Marquis’s brother wants to win and that’s what helps him get up in the morning. Suffice to say that there must have been difficult awakenings among the Wolves. So even if the post 1 already seems very blocked in Boston, he could not refuse the proposal of the Celtics to join them for a year for an amount still unknown which should however be light years away from the 19 million annual dollars that ‘He touched the last three seasons if we got used to the state of finances in Massachusetts. This is Adam Himmelsbach from Boston Globe which has overtaken all the national media for this excluded.

We will wait and see what the final Celtics roster will look like next season to try to guess the exact role of Jeff Teague in this team but the departure of Brad Wanamaker from the Warriors was not long in being filled and the new back- up of Kemba Walker seems to have already found everything. Outstanding playmaker, Jeff Tuche was the 2015 Hawks conductor. Even if he lost his starting place for a year, he was still shooting at 10.9 points and 5.2 assists on average last season. Not a defensive reference, however, it may be the player profile that the Celtics missed to get Miami in the Conference Final. A former who has experience including in the Playoffs but who does not need a cane to return to sit on the bench and who is now ready to step aside for the benefit of his holder if that allows his team to go far. What send Cardiac Kemba to breathe more serenely on the bench to avoid a relapse.

Sent to the New York side according to some rumors, Jeff Teague remained true to his words by first looking for a favorite before the money. The Knicks will have to console themselves with the extension of Elfrid Payton and that sentence is painful just to write it. Jeffrey, give us some ice cubes.

Source texte : The Boston Globe

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