jellyfish festival Tourists flock to sit and paint morning glory on Phuket beaches Super Thai Herbs

jellyfish festival burning in a row Tourists flock to sit and paint morning glory on Phuket beaches Get the best of the ancient recipes Super Thai Herbs The netizens are fond of

It can be said that the whole beach is burning. Image from a video clip of one TIKTOK account user who shared a clip of the atmosphere of Phuket beach with a caption. “Jellyfish Festival” makes netizens enthrall

because it is a picture of tourists of various nationalities sit together in a state of acceptance of fate caused by being attacked by a jellyfish The torso of some tourists is characterized by red skin. Some people have slight swelling, similar to a rash. Others have no obvious symptoms on their skin, but feel a burning pain in the area of ​​contact with the jellyfish.



which is fortunate to have a team that lives near the beach to join together take care of the primary tourists with ancient recipes local Thai herbs That foreigners have to give a thumbs up, that issea ​​urchin” there

by Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) provided information that “Morning Glory” It is a plant that is found on tropical coastlines around the world. Local wisdom uses this plant as a medicinal herb to treat poisonous wounds caused by jellyfish. By using the juice of the leaves to mask on the wounds caused by jellyfish. And the boiled water from the leaves can also be used to treat itchy skin.

In this event, foreigners all raised their hands to Thai herbs. It helps to feel better after contact with jellyfish. On the other hand, netizens praised the team for helping tourists, embracing and appreciating Thai herbs. Reminding both Thai and foreign tourists who are going to go to the sea during this period Be careful of jellyfish too.

source : Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR)

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