Jemeker Thompson devastated America: “She will have left an incurable disease from which we have never recovered”

The dark history around the execution of George Stinney Jr., the youngest person on death row in the United States: “No one can justify this”

When he sees the electric chair, George Stinney Jr., 14, understands that his situation is not going to get better. However, a few days earlier, the young African-American still firmly believed that everything would be fine. “Why would they kill me for something I didn’t do?” the condemned man said to himself. But, on June 16, 1944, George suddenly saw reality in the face: he was going to die in a handful of minutes. As part of its “Once upon a time” dossier, La Libre looks back on the case which led to the execution of the youngest defendant in the history of the United States, whose sentence was canceled 70 years later. .

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