Jennifer Kim can’t stop smashing. Fans are confused. Being scolded. Where is the typographical question?

Being scolded, Jennifer Kim slapped non-stop, scolding the fans. Confused. Polite comments were scolded. Asked if I typed something wrong somewhere, too!

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Make the social world boil non-stop with hashtags #Jennifer Kim Reigning champion on Twitter for several days afterBig singer “Jennifer Kim” Come out to hit and do not stop netizens who comment that is not cute. Even though Instagram is now closed to comments. But on YouTube, it’s equally hot because netizens continually comment on “Jennifer Kim” continually responding as well.

Recently, there was one fan. Go into the comments on YouTube to warn that “As a fan we’re sorry I don’t regret who you love or which side you are on. but sorry that you suspended I can’t feel at all Can’t be a good role model with anyone. Responding to comments is full of correct, disrespectful, disrespectful. You said you were straight for a long time. that doesn’t mean You can be rude and insult other people.”

On the side of “Jennifer Kim”, he turned back briefly, but got the idea. “mincing” This made the fans very confused. go to reply “OMG (Oh My God) Pim Supap is equal to Datjarit, even though we used to be fans and Never mind if you like any side too!!!”

At the same time, the fan club captured the message that was connected. with the message that “Oh, recently I was scolded. Where did I type something wrong?!” and “And this is really following her. Watching every EP. Just unfollowed when I saw her reply to comments and the idea is so weird. I don’t think I’ll get it myself.” Among the netizens flocked to share posts in a rush 13.9K or 13,900 times and comments criticized.

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