Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez break off engagement (US media)

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, it’s over: The singer and the baseball player have broken off their engagement, US media reported on Friday, leaving fans in shock.

“JLo”, 51, and Alex Rodriguez, 45, had been in a relationship for four years and had just bought together a house valued at $ 40 million in Miami, Florida (southeast) last year. .

The couple did not confirm the information reported by the Page Six and TMZ sites in particular.

The singer and actress is in the Dominican Republic for a shoot. She recommended Friday on Instagram to “find a good reason to laugh today”.

The former baseball player has posted on the same social network a photo of him on a boat, off Miami.

Although many fans were taken aback, the breakup did not surprise everyone. “We expected it for a long time,” an anonymous source told People magazine.


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