Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have already decided what their house will be now that they are married

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Jennifer Lopez y Ben Affleck They are living a very special moment in their personal life. They recently arrived at the altar in Las Vegas to the surprise of their followers because it was all secret and we only saw photographs since the ceremony had ended. Now they are adapting their life with details like deciding where they are going to live together with their children.

Fortunately, it seems that their children have a good relationship, including Jennifer Lopez’s daughter, Emmeand Ben Affleck’s daughter, Seraphinethey have become allies as they both identify as non-binary gender so they are living together this exploration of how they identify themselves.

Where will Jlo and Ben Affleck live?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have already made a decision about where they will live together with their children. Apparently the couple chose for the actor to move into the house of the “Queen of the Bronx” in Bel Air. After being separated for 17 years, the couple is finally living the dream of being together: they got married, celebrated their honeymoon and now they let themselves be seen happy and very much in love whenever possible.

Last May, the couple were looking for a property to make it their “love nest” to move into when they finally became married. Nothing convinced them and then They decided that Ben Affleck would move in with his wife in the mansion where he has lived for more than six years.

However, they decided to completely remodel it so they will not be able to inhabit it for a year, according to a source for the TMZ media outlet. The house has more than 13 thousand square meters, seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.

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