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Jennifer Lopez and the origin of her rejection of George Clooney, director of Ben Affleck’s film | SHOWS

The last weekend was the premiere of ‘The Tender Bar’ in Los Angeles, the new movie in which he appears . What attracted the most attention was that the actress and diva from the Bronx She was not with her boyfriend on the red carpet, as she did at the Venice Film Festival where she also presented ‘The Last Duel’. As revealed, the reason for the of the popular JLo was due to George Clooney, director of the film. How was the enmity between the two celebrities born? Here we tell you all the details of that curious relationship.

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“It is known that Jen did not get along with George Clooney when they did ‘Out of Sight’ (‘A very dangerous romance’) together. They couldn’t stand each other “, an informant assured the British newspaper ‘The Sun’.

He added that it was “Funny that Ben’s new movie is with George and it’s no coincidence that Jen wasn’t pictured on the red carpet with him, posing with George and his wife Amal (Alamuddin)”.

How the enmity was born

According ‘The Sun’, Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney they can’t stand, something that is The voice of the people in Hollywood and that returned to having notoriety after the premiere of ‘The Tender Bar’ in Los Angeles.

The origin of the conflict dates back to 1998, when both filmed ‘Out of Sight’ (‘A very dangerous romance’) directed by Steven Soderbergh and simply “They couldn’t stand each other”.

Although there is some enmity, the ‘Diva of the Bronx’ has never had bad opinions in public against Clooney, nor vice versa, although international media specify that on one occasion she subtly slipped that her worst kiss on the big screen had been with him.

For his part ‘Naugthy Gossip’ that “On the set they were constantly at war, they really hated each other, the fact that they finished the film was a real miracle”. The medium adds that “She was always late to set and George hated that”.

After resuming their relationship after 17 years apart, ‘Bennifer’ is more united than ever. Jennifer Lopez is supporting the career of Ben Affleck accompanying him to the screenings of his new films, because although he was not on the red carpet of ‘The Tender Bar’, but they saw a projection together and holding hands. To this we must add that in the coming months a new premiere will come where they could meet Ana de Armas, the actor’s ex-partner, and with whom he filmed ‘Deep Water’.


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