Jennifer Lopez launches her beauty products for the face

JLo is finally giving us what we’ve wanted for years: her skincare routine. (Photo: JLo Beauty)

When you think of Jennifer LopezWhat is the first thing that comes to mind? In our case, like most mortals, it’s an amazing “wow”. The next thing we think about is: what does it do? With skin as radiant as yours, we would all like to know your tricks to apply them. Now, at last, your skincare secrets have become public information, thanks to JLo Beauty, a collection for skin care formulated with dermatologists so you can shine like JLo.

After their launch on January 1, the products have already been out of stock once or twice. The brand launched a collection made up of eight basic items designed to help you regain that beautiful, smooth skin you have long given up on. The line includes a serum, a cream, a cleansing gel, a complexion enhancing illuminator, an eye cream, an SPF moisturizer and a skin care set. They all provide immediate results that get even better with continued use. And from today you can buy the products at Sephora. Get ready for the gods to sculpt, smooth and firm your skin.

(Foto: JLo Beauty)(Foto: JLo Beauty)
(Foto: JLo Beauty)

Do you need another reason to entrust your face to JLo? The queen of glitter herself says she’s never tried Botox. That means, when it comes to skin care, you make sure to use ingredients that work. “… I don’t want to have to resort to needles at some point. I’m not saying that one day I won’t, but I haven’t done it yet. I like to have a more natural look ”, told Glamor. “I’m not that kind of person. I have nothing against people doing it; it’s just not my case. “

JLo Beauty products are formulated with authentic and proven ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, squalane and the exclusive Olive Complex of the brand, which Lopez calls “liquid gold.” The products are not tested on animals and do not contain harmful substances that can irritate your skin, such as parabens and phthalates.

López rejects the idea that he looks great “for his age”, which is 51 years old, by the way. “Our motto is: ‘Beauty has no expiration date’ because for me, ignoring age is not just a way of thinking, you can feel young and great at any age, you don’t have to just look great to have 50 years”, commented Lopez on the brand’s site.

Read on to get the jlo shine.

That JLo Glow 4 Product Set

(Photo: Sephora)(Photo: Sephora)
(Photo: Sephora)

This JLo Beauty moisturizing daily routine that enhances shine includes a Warm bronze complexion enhancer, moisturizer, serum, cleansing gel. Suitable for all skin types, it helps with fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and a dull appearance.

Buy it: That JLo Glow 4-Piece Set, $ 64 ($ 90 Value),

Suero That JLo Glow con Olive Complex

(Photo: Sephora)(Photo: Sephora)
(Photo: Sephora)

This epic serum visibly brightens, firms and tightens skin. It will keep your skin looking hydrated and radiant throughout the day while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, brightening dull complexions, and improving uneven skin texture. Free of perfumes, it is ideal for sensitive skin.

Buy it: That JLo Glow Serum with Olive Complex, $ 79,

That Blockbuster Wonder Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid

(Photo: Sephora)(Photo: Sephora)
(Photo: Sephora)

Formulated with peptides that stimulate collagen production, niacinamide to reduce redness, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, and JLo Beauty’s exclusive Olive Complex, this night cream provides long-lasting hydration and a soft glow.

Buy it: That Blockbuster Wonder Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid, $ 58,

Fresh Take Eye Cream with Peptides

(Photo: Sephora)(Photo: Sephora)
(Photo: Sephora)

Do your eyes look tired these days? This cream, made with patented peptides to increase skin elasticity, uses a blending complex that reduces dark circles. A unique blend of firming ingredients helps tighten skin after application so it looks its best without using concealer. In addition, it is fragrance-free, making it suitable for very sensitive skin prone to rosacea.

Buy it: That Fresh Take Eye Eye Cream with Peptides, $ 48,

That Big Screen Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

(Photo: Sephora)(Photo: Sephora)
(Photo: Sephora)

Dermatologists and Jennifer Lopez agree on one piece of advice: If you only do one thing for your skin, it should be to wear sunscreen daily. East light sunscreen Broad spectrum has a shiny effect and even protects you from blue light when looking at your mobile. It is also fragrance-free, so it is ideal for very sensitive skin prone to rosacea.

Buy it: That Big Screen Broad Spectrum Moisturizer SPF 30, $ 54,

That Hit Single Gel-Cream Cleanser

(Photo: Sephora)(Photo: Sephora)
(Photo: Sephora)

A true winter skin superhero, this cleanser removes makeup, dirt and excess oil from deep within the pores while preserving essential oils that keep skin protected and hydrated. Suitable for all skin types, it is ideal for refining pores and soothing inflamed skin.

Buy it: That Hit Single Gel-Cream Cleanser, $ 38,

That Limitless Glow Sheet Face Mask

(Photo: Sephora)(Photo: Sephora)
(Photo: Sephora)

This powerful sheet mask will take your skin care to the next level thanks to its additional firming effect. Rich in antioxidant elements, it illuminates and softens the skin to provide an immediate luminous effect. You can choose between a single sheet mask or a pack of three.

Buy it: That Limitless Glow Sheet Face Mask, $ 18-48,

That Star Filter complexion illuminator

(Photo: Sephora)(Photo: Sephora)
(Photo: Sephora)

Amassing more than 5,300 “likes” on Sephora, even before its launch, this complexion brightener and enhancer Multi-tasking is perfect for achieving a blended, shimmering effect on its own, but you can also use it under makeup for full glow or as an illuminator. It is available in four transparent shades that are suitable for all skin tones. It is also made with the exclusive Olive Complex, as well as vitamin E to provide powerful hydration throughout the day and protect your skin from free radicals.

Buy it: That Star Filter complexion enhancer, $ 39,

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