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Jenny Slate quits as the voice actress for the character Missy in the animated series Big Mouth. The American actress no longer considers it appropriate that the multiracial girl is voiced by someone with a white skin color. She writes that on Instagram on Wednesday.

Slate says that she was still able to perform the interpretation, because she has a white mother, just like Missy. “But Missy is also black, and black characters in an animated series should be voiced by black people.”

“I recognize that my original reasoning was incorrect,” Slate says. “It was an example of white privilege, of unjustly appropriating within a system of white domination. While playing Missy, I contributed to obliterating black people. Ending that rendition is a step in a lifelong process of figuring out racism in my actions. “

“I can’t change the past,” the voice actress continues. “But I can take responsibility for my choices.” She apologizes to the black community. “To everyone I’ve hurt: I’m terribly sorry. Black voices need to be heard. Black lives matter.”

Creators Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett also respond via Twitter. They say they fully support Slate’s choice and apologize.

Slate has starred in several series and feature films, but is best known as a voice actress. She also played characters in animation films such as Zootopia, The Secret Life of Pets in Despicable Me.



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