Jeon Yeo Been・NANA ㅣ Netflix ‘GLITCH’ Production Presentation


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On September 27, 2022, the production presentation of the Netflix series ‘Glitch’ was held at CGV Yongsan.
‘Glitch’ is a four-dimensional or more tracing drama in which Jihyo, who sees an alien, and Bora, who has been chasing an alien, pursues the whereabouts of Jihyo’s boyfriend, Shiguk, who has disappeared without a trace, and approaches the reality of the ‘unconfirmed’ mystery.

The press conference of Netflix series ‘Glitch’ was held at CGV Yongsan on Sep 27, 2022.
‘Glitch’ is a dimension surpassing thriller of discovering the truth of ‘unidentified’ mystery. Jihyo, who seea aliens, and Bora, who have been tracking down aliens, pursuit Bora’s missing boyfriend Shi-Kook.

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