Jeong Seung-il, president of KEPCO, appointed as new president of Korea Electricity Association

Jeong Seung-il, president of Korea Electric Power Corporation, was appointed as the new president of the Korea Electric Association.

The Electricity Association announced on the 9th that at the 3rd board meeting held at the Electricity Center in Songpa-gu, Seoul, the participants unanimously appointed Jeong Seung-il, president of Korea Electric Power Corporation, as the 31st president of the Korea Electricity Association.

New Chairman Jung said, “We must lead the change while paying attention to the decarbonization of the overall power industry, decentralization of power production and consumption, and the intelligentization of the power ecosystem. While striving to nurture manpower, it should become a focal point for communication and cooperation that represents the voices of electricians.”

Jeong Seung-il, the new president of KEPCO, delivers his inaugural address at the KEPCO headquarters in Naju, Jeollanam-do on the morning of the 1st of last month. Photo = Korea Electric Power

Meanwhile, on the same day, the new chairman Chung appointed former Shinhan University President Suh Gab-won and Han Sang-gyu, former KEPCO Busan and Ulsan Headquarters, respectively, as the new full-time vice president and new executive director.

Seo, the new full-time vice president, served as a member of the 17th and 18th National Assembly members. In the 17th National Assembly, he served as secretary of the Industry, Trade, Resources and SMEs and Startups Committee and took the lead in improving and proposing laws in the energy sector.

The new managing director Han served as the head of the new business development office at KEPCO and the head of the digital transformation office.

◇ Profile of the new full-time vice president of the Korea Electric Association

Seo Gap-won, the new full-time vice president of the Electricity Association. Photo = Electricity Association.

▲ Born on June 24, 1962 in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do

▲ 1981 Suncheon Maesan High School Graduation

▲1989 Graduated from Kookmin University Law School (Bachelor)

▲2004 Completion of the Doctor of Law course at Kookmin University Graduate School

▲ 1999 ~ 2000 National Assembly Member Roh Moo-hyun

▲ 2002 Presidential Candidate Roh Moo-hyun, Special Advisor for Political Affairs

▲2003 President Roh Moo-hyun, 1st Secretary for Political Affairs

▲ 2004 ~ 2008 17th National Assembly member

▲ 2008 ~ 2011 18th National Assembly member

▲ 2008 ~ 2009 Senior Vice-President of the Democratic Party of Korea

▲2012 ~ 2018 Distinguished Professor, Graduate School of Public Administration, Kookmin University

▲2018 ~ 2019 2nd President of Shinhan University

▲2021.7 ~ Full-time Vice President, Korea Electric Association

◇ Profile of Han Sang-gyu, new executive director of the Korea Electric Association

Han Sang-gyu, the new executive director of the Electricity Association. Photo = Electricity Association.

▲ Born March 1, 1963 in Seoul

▲Graduated from Hwimun High School in Seoul, 1981

▲1988 Korea University, Department of Electrical Engineering

▲2010 Helsinki Graduate School of Economics UM-MBA (Public Enterprise Management, Master’s)

▲1991. 6 Joined Korea Electric Power Corporation

▲2007. 1 ~ 2008. 1 Head of Transmission & Substation Construction Department, Jecheon Electric Power Management Office, KEPCO

▲ 2008. 1 ~ 2009. 1 Head of facility management team at Seocheonji Branch, Chungbuk Headquarters, KEPCO

▲ 2009. 12 ~ 2012. 11 KEPCO Namseoul Headquarters Distribution Operation Team Leader

▲2012. 3 ~ 2012. 12 Head of Quality Management Team, Quality Management Office, KEPCO

▲2012. 12 ~ 2014. 12 Head of Climate Change Team, KEPCO Technical Planning Department

▲2016. 12 ~ 2018. 7 Head of New Business Development Department, New Business Planning Department, KEPCO

▲2018. 7 ~ 2020. 9 Director, Digital Transformation Department, KEPCO

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