Jérôme Bellay appointed to head the JDD, Patrick Mahé to that of Paris Match

The two journalists will work in tandems with internal journalists.

Two days after the dismissal of Hervé Gattegno from the management of JDD and of Paris Match, Lagardère News finally unveils the new organization of its two magazines. In both cases, the Lagardère group decided to create tandems combining tutelary figures and internal promotions.

Thus, Jérôme Bellay, 79, is making his comeback at the head of Sunday Newspaper which he directed from 2011 to 2016. He was appointed managing editor of the Sunday Newspaper. He will be assisted by Cyril Petit, promoted to managing editor. Until now, he was Deputy Director of the Sunday Daily.

Patrick Mahé, 74, is appointed managing editor of Paris Match. Former journalist at Paris Match and former manager of Télé 7 jours, until now he supervised the specials of Paris Match. He will be assisted by Caroline Mangez, current deputy editor-in-chief of picture magazine who is promoted to editor-in-chief of Paris Match.

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