Jerusalem sacks young autistic man killed by police shooting

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East Jerusalem, the holy city area occupied by Israel since 1967, bid farewell to Iyad Halak with a funeral that was held late at night. This was the condition imposed by the authorities on the family after completing the autopsy of this 32-year-old autistic man, killed on Saturday by shots from the Border Police in the Old City.

This time Israel did not keep the body, nor did it set limits to those attending the funeral, this time the Ministry of Justice ordered the opening of an investigation to try to clarify the death of this disabled man, which caused protests in the holy city and Tel Aviv in which his case was compared with that of the African American George Lloyd in Minneapolis. “Justice for Iyad and George” was one of the most repeated slogans in the marches. Defense Minister Benny Gantz apologized and sent condolences to the family.

As he had been doing since 2014, Iyad left his house in the Wadi Joz neighborhood to attend his classes at the special education center in Elwyn, very close to the Temple Mount, where he trained to work in a kitchen, he revealed. the Wafa agency. He was about to reach the door of the center when two Border Police officers stopped him because “he was carrying a suspicious object that they thought might be a weapon,” the official statement said.

Young recruit with F16
According to the Haaretz newspaper version of events, Iyad did not comply with the order, ran and tried to hide behind a garbage container. The oldest agent shot in the air, the youngest, a new recruit armed with an F16, to kill, because “he was wearing gloves and thought he was a terrorist.” The officer asked him to stop shooting, but did not obey the order until the young man with autism stopped moving. Then they realized that it was a mistake, he did not carry any weapons.

“We received a call from the center to tell us that our son was dead,” Iyad’s father tearfully told local media. A cousin of the deceased said that due to his disability, “he did not even know what a Jew or an Arab was.” The autopsy confirmed that Iyad was shot twice in the chest and the family’s lawyer, Jad Qadmani, stated that “this confirms the crime committed by the agents, hopefully it is sufficient evidence to be able to bring them to trial.” One of the officers remains under house arrest and the other was released. .


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