Jerzy Owsiak on the behavior of Janusz Gajos: every word you said was important

Janusz Gajos was one of the artists invited to the Biggest House in the World, this year’s Pol’and’Rock Festival, which had to be held in a changed formula due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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The actor caused quite a stir when, during his meeting with Katarzyna Janowska at the Academy of Fine Arts, he decided to comment on the result of the last election and directly hit Jarosław Kaczyński and his politics. Let us remind you that the star of Polish cinema called the PiS president “the little man who destroys our country”. Beata Mazurek has already referred to the actor’s words in an equally sharp way. Even the minister of culture, Piotr Gliński, commented on the matter. The National Theater in Warsaw did not remain indifferent to mutual fights.

Jerzy Owsiak to Janusz Gajos: thank you

Jerzy Owsiak and his foundation WOŚP are the main organizers of the Pol’and’Rock Festival. The director of a well-known party did not speak about his guest for a long time. We contacted Jerzy Owsiak’s office, but he was already on vacation. The leader of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity issued a statement shortly after, which he posted on Facebook.

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Jerzy Owsiak began by explaining what the annual Academy of Fine Arts, held as part of the festival, is. It was there that Janusz Gajos criticized the PiS leader.

The organizer of the Pol’and’Rock Festival decided to refer to the performance of Janusz Gajos itself.

Jerzy Owsiak only at the end of his post made it clear what he thought about the actor’s behavior. The activist stressed that he was very grateful to him.

Did you expect such a reaction from Jerzy Owsiak? We are sure that the already hot issue will gain even faster pace.

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