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The player Jesé Rodríguez, a remembered promise of Real Madrid, is increasingly diluted in the football scene. Today, he is practically invisible: he has been without a team for several weeks after PSG, France, decided to terminate his contract due to the very low performance on the pitch.

Yes: off the courts, Spanish gives a lot to talk about and tends to cause controversy.

On this occasion, the name of Jesé flooded social networks after he posted a controversial text on Instagram, in which, referring to a point made by his ex-wife, he insulted women who, he wrote, “some do not like work and they like to earn handbags or luxuries sitting or putting the c… ”.

What happened?

The private life of Jesé Rodríguez became the ‘front page’ material of the Spanish rose chronicle after problems with Melody Santana, his ex-wife and the mother of two of his children came to light. Santana recently assured, through social networks, that the footballer is not fulfilling his paternal commitments.

Meantime, Jesé Rodríguez was accused of infidelity by Aurah Ruiz, who became his partner after Santana.

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Jesé would have had an encounter with a woman last November.

With Aurah there was a case that reached the courts, because, according to Spanish media, the woman was found guilty of harassing Jesé after an investigation concluded in June of this year.

The strangest thing about the situation is that They were dating again, however, Jesé could not remove the demand (established in 2018).

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And what happened to the infidelity? This, which occurred in November, involved a woman named Rocío Amar, who, in recent days, claimed that she brought to light private conversations with the soccer player.

This happened almost at the same time as the publication in which Melody Santana assured that “The pain and the theater that you have mounted is over because my children go first and I will go over whoever it is. I’m still in poor health, but I’m going to recover and, yes, get ready because I’m coming strong. You don’t play with the emotional stability of my children”, Referring to a probable negligence of Jesé.

The player responded to this particular point, although also talking about his situation with Aurah Ruiz and Rocío Amar, through his Instagram account. He did so using grotesque terms to refer to women.

Jesé Rodríguez, former Real Madrid and PSG player, is ‘in the eye of the hurricane’ for a macho publication

Jesé, with little delicacy, began by saying that “with my money I can do whatever comes out of my eggs”.

If my children today are well and live well, it is thanks to me, because some women do not like to work and they like to earn handbags or luxuries sitting down or putting the c … “, he wrote. In the end he closed by predicting that “everything has consequences and none of them will go away.”

“I do not live from what you now want to live (…) Thank God I earn money sleeping. Keep sucking, talking and consulting. They are either lost, or lost. How ungrateful are people who forget the past very quickly ”, he concluded.

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The publication, added to Jesé’s controversial relationship record, aroused negative reactions on social networks. These criticisms focused, essentially, on the obscenities with which he refers to women.



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