Jessi Uribe and Paola Jara dance ‘Love of lovers’

Jessi Uribe and Paola Jara They have been more in love than ever through their social networks. This time they surprised their loyal fans when dancing very close to the last single of the santandereano ‘Amor de lovers’.

The new version of the cumbia has been a success in the popular genre, as several fans of the artist have shared the choreography of the official video through social networks.

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But without a doubt, the dance that most caught the attention of Internet users was the one that starred popular artistsWell, after having finished their exercise routine, they did not hesitate to record themselves.

The couple immediately turned on social media for her sensual movements. In addition, the swallow, the taste and the chemistry that were noticed.

Jessi also took advantage of his publication to question his followers if they danced ‘Amor de lovers’ on the La Conquista Tour, which will be the next Saturday in Medellín, Antioquia.

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It is worth mentioning that his followers did not go through the publication and filled the video with praise.

But what a flavor ”, “Excellent! That’s good teamwork10 / 10 “,”I love they make such a beautiful couple“,” They have lovers left “, “At first I confess that I got a bad temper with this pair, but they already made it was wanting Long live love!“,” Being happy despite everything they say, that’s what life is about “,”What a beautiful couple. Their lives had to come together, what magic, what chemistry, what flavor”Were some of the messages they received.


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