News Jessica Cediel would have finished with Mack Roesch

Jessica Cediel would have finished with Mack Roesch



Mack Roesch and Jessica Cediel confirm romance.

The Colombian model and presenter Jessica Cediel, key figure in the first three seasons of Exatlon United States, I would be going through a difficult time on a personal level, not just health, because recently Jessica he underwent surgery to remove the polymers injected by a surgeon in Colombia and almost cost him his life, but everything indicates that he would have ended his commitment to the former participant of the third season of Exatlon United States, Mack Roesch.

But first let’s remember how it all started. During the first Sunday of Elimination of the third season, Mack stood out in the circuit that was disputed by the Sunday advantage. So Jessica approached the bench to interview him and asked him why he could make the javelin throw so easily.

The athlete from Florida replied to Jessica that this shot has dominated him, because he practices it all the time because it is a common shot in the competitions with obstacles he runs. Afterward, Jessica asked him if he wanted to say something in Spanish, and he was surprised to say: “Jessica, I love you.” Jessica blushed and then sent her a blown kiss.

Last December, Roesch asked Cediel to marry and since then the mutual love demonstrations have not been long in coming, sharing photos, and even the video of the petition, Why would we be ensuring that the commitment that began in 2020 is over? What has more than one surprised is that Jessica He deleted all his photos along with the “gringo” on his social networks. To top it off, Cediel, in a very subtle way, has made himself felt with cryptic messages on his Instagram account, in which he ensures that “Nothing will be as before.” and ensuring that “the past is just that, past.” Touch here to see Jessica Cediel’s Instagram.

While in the account of Mack Roesch continues the occasional photo with Cediel in his Instagram account. On January 3, it was the last time Roesch published a video with Cediel. In the account of the former participant of Exatlón United States they have asked him about his relationship with the Colombian. “Are they still together? The million dollar question we all die to know. A relationship that came fast and strong. Now we don’t see them both together? ”Asks one of her followers. Another follower asks: “Why Jessica deleted the photos with him and even the engagement video.” “No more love,” added another user. Another added: “Do not be like Denni and Rafa seem to just want publicity and then later everyone on their side ???? how sad.”

Let’s go a few months back, in September, when, with the same pattern of deleting the photos, the beautiful Bogota confirmed the secret openly, had ended her commitment to her then partner Leo Sierra, 29, who is a partner and vice president of the telecommunications company ATP.

Mack is already a story on Cediel’s social networks, but focusing on what is really important, we hope his health goes well, and that he eventually returns to the screens, where he is so missed.

Come back fast, Jessica!

Meanwhile, let’s not stop tuning to the fourth season of Exatlon United States, at its crucial stage. Monday through Friday at 7pm / 6pm Centro by Telemundo, with special elimination Sundays.




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