Jessica died from various blows: Prosecutor’s Office

The State Prosecutor’s Office released the results of the autopsy applied to the remains of Jessica González Villaseñor. Photo: Special

MORELIA, Michoacan

Without specifying if it was in an accident or with intent, The State Attorney General’s Office reported that Jessica González Villaseñor died from blows to the head.

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In technical language, the fourth paragraph of communiqué 2282/2020, dictates:

“Once the law necropsy, it was determined that the cause of death was subarachnoid hemorrhage secondary to head trauma, in a polycontuned person ”.

In this way, the State Attorney General summarized the results of the proceedings carried out by personnel of the General Coordination of Expert Services, to the remains of Jessica, who disappeared on September 21 of this year, whose body was located yesterday Friday “in a wooded area located south of Morelia” and that, to the naked eye, it presented abrasions in different parts of its anatomy.

It also adds that, on the site, personnel specialized in criminology, chemistry, photography, forensic medicine, fingerprint, video, planimetry, and ballistics, carried out inspection, fixing, collecting, packing and securing evidence.



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