Jesús Martínez acknowledged that Víctor Guzmán ‘made a mistake’

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Mexico City / 02-13-2020 10:46:15 PM


Victor Guzman he had his first public act since the adverse analytical result that suffered on August 10 in a meeting between Tuzos and Querétaro, although He did not speak and was accompanied by Jesús Martínez, president of Pachuca Group.

In fact, the manager was the only one who was encouraged to speak on behalf of the large group that I travel from Pachuca to the National Center for Talent Development and High Performance (CNAR); the other companions were three of the players who were involved in a crash the previous week.

“(Victor) came to do social work, he has to keep it up, he has to keep compromising. He made a mistake, but he will continue to go to hospitals, to do works; it will continue to be like this, “the businessman told ESPN.

He knows he made a mistake, he knows that he has not behaved in an extraordinary way. I have a lot of faith that he will do very well, that he will succeed and for me the most important thing is the human being, “he added.

Víctor remained inert while Martínez toured the CNAR facilities.


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