Jia Zhangke supervised the production of “Nujiang”, Wang Yanhui and Deng Enxi’s powerful interpretation of cross-border chasing of murderers jqknews

Jia Zhangke supervised the production of

Jia Zhangke supervised the production of

Jia Zhangke supervised the production of

Jia Zhangke supervised the production of

Jia Zhangke supervised the production of

A few days ago, the film “Nujiang” supervised by director Jia Zhangke held a launching ceremony in Tengchong, Yunnan. Director and screenwriter Liu Juan, chief producer Jiang Hao, starring Wang Yanhui, Deng Enxi and other main creators all appeared. “Nujiang” won two awards at the 2021 Golden Rooster Film Venture Capital Conference. The story centers on a confusing cross-border chase. The emotional relationship between the two protagonists is extremely tense and highly anticipated by the industry.

Producer Jia Zhangke escorts and escorts director Liu Juan for 7 years

The movie “Nujiang” tells the story of a cross-border pursuit of a murderer. In order to find out the truth of his daughter’s death, Hu Dengjie, who lost his daughter, pursued his daughter’s best friend Ji Hong for thousands of miles, and was therefore involved in a secret transaction at the border. The internationally renowned director Jia Zhangke served as the film’s producer. When he first saw the script, he was touched by the story created by Liu Juan, “The story is full, powerful in nature, and innovative in genre; in addition, its attention groups include: With a certain social significance, left-behind teenagers in small border towns need more care and attention from their families and society.”

After 7 years of meticulously polishing the script, the movie “Nujiang” won the award-winning project of Xiamen Production Promotion and the signing investment of Phoenix Legend Film at the 3rd Golden Rooster Film Venture Capital Conference with its wonderful and moving story and cross-border chasing elements. Director Liu Juan also won the Most Potential Director Award. In 2013, with the support of Andy Lau’s “Asian Rising Star Director” program, director Liu Juan made her debut feature film “First Love Not Full”, and won the Special Jury Prize of the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival Asian New Talent Award for this film. , and her documentary “Bharaf” on Indian refugee children also won the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Award.

Director Liu Juan, who has always been concerned about juvenile issues, will focus on the growth of left-behind girls this time with a genre-based filming method. Talking about the original intention of filming, director Liu Juan said, “Because I was a volunteer teacher in Tengchong, I came up with the idea of ​​​​making the story of “Nujiang”. It has been 7 years and my personal life has also changed a lot. Nothing has changed. The difficulty of filming this film is not low, because there are a group of creators with centripetal force and artistic pursuit, which guarantees the production level. ‘Everything has cracks, that’s where the light comes in’, I hope each of us is that light .” Not only the focus on growth safety in the play, but also the safety of all the crew members outside the play is also something that the chief producer Jiang Hao attaches great importance to. At the opening ceremony, he repeatedly emphasized that “in the current environment, safety is the first priority. , including the safety of filming, the safety of epidemic prevention, etc. I hope that after a few months of hard work, a warm and powerful film can be released in theaters next year.”

Wang Yanhui, Deng Enxi, and Deng Enxi’s rival play, the father who chases the murderer for thousands of miles meets a precocious “emotional orphan”

Wang Yanhui, a “play bone” who has always been known to the public for his superb acting skills, plays a father with a distinctive personality and loves his daughter in this film. He said: “The first time I read the script, I was deeply moved by the characters. A father who chases a murderer for his daughter thousands of miles away, and an ’emotional orphan’ who longs for love. I hope it can bring you a different touch.”

Deng Enxi, an outstanding young actor who has performed brilliantly in many works such as “The Unknown”, “Hello, Zhihua”, “Calm and Peaceful”, and “Famous”, will play Ji Hong in “Nujiang” this time, a A precocious left-behind girl, she loves pop culture and goes through fire and water for her love. Talking about the film, Deng Enxi said: “I have a certain distance from Ji Hong’s life. I feel sorry for her, but I hope I can be her in this film.”

It is reported that Wang Yanhui and Deng Enxi will have a lot of opposing scenes in the film, and the two will work together to interpret the love of cross-border chasing and each other’s psychological growth and family difficulties.

The film “Nujiang” is supervised by director Jia Zhangke, directed by Liu Juan, starring Wang Yanhui and Deng Enxi, produced by Phoenix Legend Films, Xiamen Qingguo Culture, co-produced by Xiamen Potato Chip Films, Shanghai Nuanliu Culture, Huanyu (Tianjin) Media, Xiamen Potato Chips Film Industry, Xiamen Qingguo Culture Co., Ltd., and Huanyu (Tianjin) Media Co., Ltd.

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