Jiangsu university students “detain” dean to protest school merger, China’s vocational education reform faces obstacles-BBC News

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Network pictures showed that many students clashed with the police.

Hundreds of students from a university in Jiangsu, China were dissatisfied that the school would merge with a vocational and technical school. On Monday (June 7), they clashed with the police rarely, causing an uproar on social media.

The local Public Security Bureau issued a notice on Tuesday (June 8), stating that the cause of the incident was that the students had “illegally detained” the dean of the college for more than one day, and stated that the police had repeatedly warned the students, but they were besieged and abused by the students.

At present, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education has announced the suspension of the merger and transfer of independent colleges and higher vocational colleges. Many universities involved also issued separate announcements, indicating that the merger will be suspended.

The Chinese authorities have been promoting vocational education reforms in recent years, hoping to transform the former “world factory” into a manufacturing powerhouse with a large number of senior skilled workers, so as to solve the problem of overpopulation but shortage of senior skilled workers in some industries.

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