Jihan Nasr mourns the death of her father

The family of the retired Egyptian actress was devastatedJihan Nasr​, on the death of her father, Sayyed Nasr Issa, and the private account on the social networking site of Jihan announced the news and said: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. My father, Hajj Nasr, died to God’s mercy, may God bless him with the vastness of his mercy, and we only say what pleases the Lord of the worlds, and there is no objection to God’s judgment.” The funeral was held today.
It is noteworthy that Jihan Nasr retired from art in 1999, after her marriage to a Saudi businessman, and gave birth to 4 children from him: Samaher, Saif, Sarah and Sultan, and she has completely disappeared from view since her marriage.


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