Jill Biden, an extraordinary First Lady

A university professor, Jill Biden intends to continue teaching when her husband enters the White House next January.

Already when “Joe Biden was Obama’s vice president for eight years, Jill Biden continued to teach English at Northern Virginia Community College” [établissement d’enseignement supérieur offrant des formations en deux ans], underline the Guardian.

And when her husband takes office at the White House on January 20, the new first lady, aged 69, will continue to practice her profession, “Becoming the first First Lady of the United States to keep her job”. But this time, she may have a little more trouble maintaining her anonymity vis-à-vis her students, notes the British daily.

A native of Hammonton in New Jersey, the one her students used to nickname “Doctor B.”, in reference to her university title, is multi-graduate and has been teaching English for thirty-six years, recalls the Guardian.

Role reversal

As the academic Jennifer Lawless points out in the columns of the English daily, “Jill Biden is going to spray the glass ceiling” which until now forced the wives of presidents to give up their careers in order to better assist their husbands in their official duties:

It’s the first time we’ve seen a woman say, ‘You know what? My life and my career are important, I am not going to let myself be defined solely and entirely by the functions of my husband. ‘”

And she is not the only one to send the conventions waltz, underlines the academic, since Doug Emhoff, husband of the future vice-president Kamala Harris, first woman to accede to this post, for his part announced that he would quit his job to become the very first “second gentleman” in history. A role reversal that constitutes “A notable development in American political life”, concludes the Guardian.


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