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Jim Thompson Appoints Frank Cancelloni as CEO

Saturday 29 May 2021

Jim Thompson, manufacturer – distributor. fashion clothes and world-famous home furnishings Announces appointment of Frank Cancelloni as new CEO to oversee management Thailand’s number one silk brand Jim Thompsonto be a world-class luxury brand

Frank Cancelloni A French native with over 30 years of experience working in Asia, Frank has previously served as executives at global companies including PVH Corporation, overseeing fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, and was CEO for the Lacoste brand in Asia Pacific. With experience and expertise in the retail and fashion business. and familiarity with the Asian market Frank will bring his talents to take the Jim Thompson business to the next level of success. In order for a Thai brand like Jim Thompson to become a luxury brand that is accepted all over the world.

William Booth, Executive Director of Jim Thompson, said: “Frank is an executive with a lot of experience. Both in marketing, finance and management, and is highly specialized in the Asian market. He has a talent for communication. And has a personality that fits Jim Thompson very well. We are confident that Frank’s leadership will help us overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 situation. And will definitely help create profits for our organization.”

Speaking of receiving this prestigious title, Frank said: “Jim Thompson is a unique brand. And it’s a company I’ve admired for a long time. both in terms of history, quality and outstanding I am excited to be given this opportunity. and look forward to creating new opportunities for the Jim Thompson brand.”

Jim Thompson is a world famous silk brand. It is known for its quality and refinement. Jim Thompson’s products include home furnishings, apparel, accessories and souvenirs. Jim Thompson also supports mulberry silk cultivation, dyeing, hand weaving. Including various agriculture with the intention to conserve and pass on the valuable cultural heritage of Thai people to be passed on to future generations.

Founder Jim Thompson was an American soldier, Jim Thompson, who came to Thailand during World War II and founded the company. Thai Silk Industry Co., Ltd. since 1951 by doing business with a group of both Thai and foreign friends. Jim Thompson’s Thai silk business developed continuously until Jim Thompson was nicknamed the King of Thai Silk or the King of Thai Silk. Later, on March 26, 1967, he mysteriously disappeared in malaysia forest And this remains a mystery to this day.


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