Jin Yong Martial Arts Classic: The Secret Message of Kung Fu

Dhe west must live in a parallel world. There is no other explanation for the fact that one of the main works of a literary giant is only now, more than 60 years after its publication, appearing in German. We’re talking about the kung fu classic “The Legend of the Eagle Warriors” by Jin Yong, probably the most widely read Chinese writer of the 20th century. Jin Yong is so popular in the Chinese-speaking world that it is difficult to find the right words for it.

A few anecdotes that underline his fame: The study of Jin Yong’s work has the status of an academic subject in China: it is called “Jinology”. Jack Ma, the founder of the Chinese online retail giant Alibaba, named his first employees after characters from the writer’s novels. And even an asteroid bears the author’s name.


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