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Original title: Jinan’s summer public security crackdown and rectification “Hundred Days Action” achieved remarkable results and broke a total of 3429 criminal cases

On August 23, the Jinan Municipal People’s Government held a press conference.Photo by Wei Xiaoxi

China News Service, Jinan, August 23 (Wei Xiaoxi and Lu Yan) The reporter learned from a press conference held by the Jinan Municipal People’s Government on August 23 that the Ministry of Public Security has deployed the “Hundred Days Action” to crack down on public security in the past two months. Jinan’s social security is in good shape. A total of 3,429 criminal cases have been cracked and 5,081 criminal suspects have been arrested, an increase of 27.5% and 22.5% year-on-year; 11,211 administrative cases have been closed, with a year-on-year increase of 8%. A new high for the same period.

Liu Yiwu, member of the party committee and deputy director of the Jinan Public Security Bureau, said that in response to crimes that seriously infringe on the public’s sense of security and infringing on vulnerable groups, the city’s public security organs have concentrated their strengths to deal with major cases such as homicides, gang-related crimes, gun explosions, and serious violence. , the implementation of special classes to attack the fortress. This year, a total of 102 cases of serious violence in eight categories including intentional homicide have been detected, and 28 existing homicide cases have been solved. Since the operation, it has successfully cracked 11 backlogs of homicides, including “the murder of a taxi driver in Steel City” 18 years ago. A special campaign to crack down on illegal gun explosions was carried out in depth, and 18 suspects were arrested. Destroyed 1 gang-related organization, 6 evil force criminal groups, and 4 evil force gangs, ranking first in the province in terms of total results.

“According to the characteristics of summer, we will crack down on frequent violations and crimes in summer, such as picking quarrels and provoking troubles, gathering people to fight, intentional injury and sexual assault, as well as cases that violate the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, women, children, the disabled and other groups. Investigate, arrest and handle quickly.” Liu Yiwu said that 265 criminal cases such as picking quarrels and provoking troubles, fighting and sexual assault have been cracked; 1,348 “two robbery” cases have been cracked, and the detection rate has increased to 81.4%; 1,956 cases of electric fraud and related cases have been cracked, and 910 people have been arrested, respectively. Up 111.7%, 38.5%. The number of telecommunications fraud cases filed and losses in the city dropped by 29.2% and 19.5% respectively.

According to Miao Lijun, head of the Criminal Police Detachment of Jinan Public Security Bureau, the city’s public security organs focus on special campaigns to crack down on pension fraud, and pay close attention to six types of pension fraud, including providing “elderly care services”, investing in “elderly care projects”, and selling “elderly care products”. Violations and crimes, insist on rapid response to solve existing cases, departmental alliances to break down important cases, and centralized rectification to reduce incidents. A total of 1,642 old-age fraud clues were checked, 88 cases were cracked, 239 people were taken coercive measures, 32 people were arrested, 52 people were prosecuted, 10 cases were concluded, 7 gangs were destroyed, 410 million yuan was recovered, and the detection rate was 93.5 %, and the recovery rate was 64.1%.

Liu Yiwu said that the bureau has carried out an investigation of social security and chaos and clearing the source, and carried out a normalized and centralized inspection of entertainment venues, hotels, and online booking rooms in the city. All houses, etc. signed a responsibility letter, checked and rectified more than 54,000 industrial sites, and rolled out and rectified more than 18,000 hidden dangers. A total of 158,000 registered floating populations were checked and 44,000 households were checked and 14 online fugitives were arrested. Since the “Hundred Days Action”, the city’s public security organs have inspected more than 29,000 industrial sites and key locations, investigated and rectified more than 4,800 potential safety hazards, cracked 658 various illegal and criminal cases, and arrested 646 illegal and criminal suspects. . (Finish)Return to Sohu, see more


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