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“Flying snow shoots the white deer in the sky, and the hero of the laughing book leans on the biyuan” Various literature and film and television works on martial arts themes have depicted the wonderful martial arts style for people. Living a river and lake dream.

As a well-known domestic chess and card game, JJ Fight the Landlord, in its 15th year, combined the traditional chess and card culture with the dream of Jianghu, and launched the theme of “JJ Fight the Landlord’s 15th Anniversary·Win the Jianghu”, bringing a A different kind of river and lake journey.

For JJ Fighting the Landlord, from its launch in 2007 to today, it is J friends who accompany JJ, from a “rookie” who just entered the rivers and lakes, step by step to the “top of Huashan”. JJ Doudizhu’s love for chess and card competitions has never changed, just like the dream of Jianghu in every J player’s heart has never dissipated.

Therefore, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of JJ Fighting the Landlords, JJ chose to publish “Hero Posts”, sincerely invited all J friends to join in the event, and held a series of activities to give back to users for their company and support.

The 15th Anniversary of JJ Fighting the Landlords·Douying Jianghu series of activities lasted from November 18th to December 11th, including the three major activities of entering the Jianghu, experience and upgrading, and fighting gods meeting, which symbolizes that J friends come to JJ The rivers and lakes in the world have gone through trials and tribulations, continued to grow, and finally achieved fame.

11.18~11.25[First time entering the rivers and lakes to hunt for treasures and venture into the world]

( Schematic Diagram of Treasure Hunting and Traveling to the End of the World )

The “little white chivalrous men” who are new to the rivers and lakes will first embark on a treasure hunting journey. During the process of roaming the JJ rivers and lakes, they will dig out treasures, enrich themselves, gradually wash away the youthfulness on their bodies, and take the first step to become a chivalrous man.

11.26~12.3[Experience, upgrade and practice encounter luxury gifts]

(Schematic diagram of the activities of meeting luxury gifts in practice)

As a hero, how can you not have a strong martial arts? The second major theme activity of Douying Jianghu is to practice and meet luxury gifts, allowing J friends to practice internal strength and self-improvement in the process of comprehending the secret scriptures, and accumulate strength for fame and fortune .

12.4~12.11[God of Gods Conference is famous all over the world]

( Schematic Diagram of Famous World Activities )

Every river and lake has a peak battle, and the “Forbidden Summit” in JJ Jianghu is the stage of the God of Fighting Conference. After practicing their skills, the knights are all gearing up and looking forward to leaving their names on the list of masters .

As an annual celebration, JJ Fight the Landlords has prepared a large number of benefits for J fans. Whether it is the three major themed activities or the heavy-weight free-to-win prizes, they are all eye-catching. The first anniversary koi event was even more generous, directly selecting 126 anniversary koi to share the joy of celebration.

As an annual grand ceremony for J friends, JJ Fight the Landlord 15th Anniversary · Dou Ying Jianghu provides a stage for the majority of chess and card lovers to compete, and at the same time unfolds an ingenious picture of the world, which is refreshing. Whether it is Doudizhu, which is rooted in the masses, or Mahjong and chess, which have a long history, JJ Doudizhu always firmly believes in the huge potential of chess and card games and chess and card culture, and actively promotes the competitiveization of popular chess and card.

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