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JKN invested 1 billion baht to buy channel NEW18

by archyde

JKN invested 1 billion baht to buy NEW18 channel to increase the capabilities of the commerce business – reduce the cost of advertising management. Increase income

On April 9, 2016, Mr. Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited or JKN revealed that from the board of directors meeting on Apr 2, 64 ago.

The meeting resolved to approve the purchase of TV channel NEW18 or DN Broadcast Company Limited (DN) in an investment of more than 1,000 million baht.

This is the acquisition of all ordinary shares from the existing shareholders of DN and today (9 Apr ’16) entered into a share purchase agreement. Therefore, DN is now a subsidiary of JKN.

However, Mr Chakrapong said the acquisition will enhance the competitiveness of the company’s merchandising commerce business.

It also adds a variety of communication channels with consumers. Including helping to reduce advertising costs for affiliated products

In addition, the company is able to manage the advertising and public relations of various products more freely. And help increase the efficiency of product distribution Resulting in more income

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