Joachim Löw: Who could replace him? These names are traded

Debate about the future of the DFB
Who could succeed Joachim Löw as national coach? These names are traded

See in the video: 0: 6 against Spain – DFB team experiences debacle in the Nations League.

“That was a pitch-black day”, so the assessment of national coach Jogi Löw after the 0: 6 clap against Spain in the Nations League. Nothing worked at all, neither on the defensive nor on the offensive. Anyone who has seen the game will hardly disagree with Löw. Except for a crossbar from Serge Gnabry, the German team had no chance against strong Spaniards who could do what they wanted at times. Accordingly, there was a lot of malice and ridicule in the comments in the social networks. In addition to the team, the national coach was heavily criticized there. This had to resign much earlier. He is the wrong man, in the wrong place at the wrong time. The return of the players Mats Hummels, Thomas Müller and Jerome Boateng, who had been sorted out by Löw, was also vehemently demanded. Loew rejected this request immediately after the game. Even after the 0: 6 he saw no reason to nominate one of the three world champions from 2014, said Löw. If national team director Oliver Bierhoff has his way, Löw doesn’t have to worry about his own future. The trust is there, said Bierhoff after the debacle. This game doesn’t change that either.


The gossip in Spain feeds the doubts about national coach Joachim Löw. How long will the DFB hold on to the head coach? And who could replace Löw anyway?

After the 0: 6 debacle in Spain, the DFB is taking an intensified debate about the future of national soccer coach Joachim Löw into the long international break. Many a prankster saw Peter Neururer pull up to the headquarters of the German Football Association to submit his application for the successor. But the top of the association will have little left for such jokes in their deliberations, the situation is too serious. In the first analysis of the gossip about Spain by DFB President Fritz Keller, the name Löw did not appear, which left room for speculation.

Can the head coach, who has been in office for 14 years, continue until at least the European Championship or does the DFB use the time until the next international match at the end of March to make a change? And who could even take over the office in the short or medium term? Löw’s contract runs until the Qatar World Cup at the end of 2022, but a farewell after the European Championship in the summer of next year at the latest seems more realistic.

The possible successors of Joachim Löw

Former soccer coach Ralf Rangnick

© Jan Woitas / DPA

Ralf Rangnick is at least acted as a quick solution for the office of national coach. The 62-year-old is currently without a job and highly recognized as a specialist in the industry. Rangnick has indicated his interest in the post of national coach several times, but at the same time pointed out in the previous week that the question did not arise because of Löw’s current contract. Therefore, this discussion is a “bad habit,” said the Swabian at Sport1. Rangnick also added: “Should she ever ask, it’s a question of timing.” Has the time already come? Or does the DFB prefer to wait for one of the two dream candidates?

Hansi Flick was once Löw’s assistant at the 2014 World Cup and played a decisive role not only in practicing the important standards. As a triple coach of FC Bayern and player understanding, the 55-year-old has earned an impressive certificate in recent months. “Sport Bild” already sees him as a “shadow national coach”, so Flick should be at the top of the wish list at the DFB. But whether the Bayern coach himself wants to leave the Munich success machine so soon seems questionable.

Hansi Flick, coach of the Bundesliga club FC Bayern Munich

Hansi Flick, coach of the Bundesliga club FC Bayern Munich

© Sven Hoppe / DPA

Jürgen Klopp however, has been with Liverpool for five years and has actually achieved all of the Reds’ goals with the longed-for championship and winning the Champions League. Up until Flick’s successful streak, the 53-year-old was considered the ideal solution for the office of national coach. To polish up the badly battered image of the national team, there would be no better person than Klopp with his entertainer qualities and his full-throttle football. The catch: He is still tied in Liverpool until 2024 and probably still too happy to be a club coach.

Jürgen Klopp, coach of the English first division club Liverpool

Jürgen Klopp, coach of the English first division club Liverpool

© Luca Bruno / AP / DPA

More like an outsider candidate Thomas Tuchel, who is tired at Paris Saint-Germain by the constant dispute with sports director Leonardo. It is currently uncertain whether the 47-year-old will be allowed to work at PSG after his contract expires in the summer of 2021. Tuchel could be free after the EM, but is considered a difficult character and would probably not get a lot of trust from players and fans.

Thomas Tuchel, coach of the French club Paris Saint-Germain

Thomas Tuchel, coach of the French club Paris Saint-Germain


Löw’s assistant coach is very unlikely to be promoted Marcus Sorg. Also the chances of Stefan Kuntz, who was brought up by Löw himself as a successor after success with the U21s, are probably rather small.

DFB Director Oliver Bierhoff is responsible for the search for the next national coach. But he himself is increasingly being criticized and has closely tied himself to Löw. That hardly makes the search any easier.

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