Joao Klauss to Aris in Greece, Jackson Muleka wants to stay

No more than in Eupen, Joao Klauss, disappointed by the treatment reserved for him, will not be part of the Liège selection on Sunday against Mechelen. The Brazilian striker should indeed continue his career in Greece, at Aris Salonika, to whom Hoffenheim will loan him until the end of the season. More satisfied at all with the performance of Klauss, who had nevertheless impressed the gallery as soon as he arrived in Liège a year ago before firmly returning to the ranks, Standard will save a few hundred thousand euros, including the loan and the player’s salary.

In addition, Saint-Trond, to whom the player was offered, is still very interested in a loan from Jackson Muleka, but the Congolese striker remains on his positions: he does not intend to leave Sclessin this winter and does not want to give up. Standard at this time of the season.

For the rest, the advent of Alexandro Calut, even if he has only played two matches, could modify the plans of Standard, which had made the commitment of a left-back one of its priorities. . “We are lucky not to have an absolute emergency,” confirms Luka Elsner, satisfied with the performance of the young Hénuier. “It’s up to him not to experience a drop in concentration and to have ups and downs. Calut didn’t cross the finish line, he just took a step. »

For the rest, it is Sunday’s match against Mechelen, and him alone, which focuses the attention of the Franco-Slovenian technician. “Our ambition must remain measured. It is necessary that all the energy and the force which begins to appear are directed towards this encounter, without projecting itself further. »

And so without making the slightest calculation, because Luka Elsner knows that despite the progress, in terms of efficiency, defensive solidity and the will to move forward, the situation remains very fragile and that the fight is still far away. to be won. “In Eupen, we did the job, but not the romantic side of the job”, sums up the T1 des Rouches perfectly. “But we have to go through it to raise the bar”.

If Standard resumed competition with a 5 out of 9, Mechelen has only played one match, lost to Anderlecht (0-1), since the start of the year, not having moved in Leuven while the meeting in Genk has been postponed. “I’m not sure what to think about it in terms of physical freshness,” says Elsner, who is on guard. “Mechelen scores easily. It will not be necessary to give its players any moment of euphoria. “.

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